Master Bedroom Retreat, Part 1: DIY Painting Walls

Master Bedroom Retreat Makeover
Behr Gray Morning

In this eight-post blog series, I’ll review the step-by-step details on how my husband and I transformed our master bedroom, walk-in closet, and bathroom – all do-it-yourself and with budget-conscious decisions, materials. Follow along from the beginning of our journey to the project completion for inspiration, encouragement, and knowledge that you can put to use.

In the last post, we reviewed the Overview: Before & After. Here, we review Painting Walls in Part 1. You can easily jump between all parts of the project here:

Let’s Get Started with Painting Walls

Behr Gray MorningWe painted the walls of the bedroom and walk-in closet inย Behr Gray Morning (490F-4) interior paint in eggshell finish. We selected this paint in particular because of it’s green-blue hue.

Behr tends to be a favorite interior paint of ours because of its gradual drying time – easing the application process for DIY homeowners.

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We even painted the wall that eventually would become the wood accent wall, so that if the project stalled out too long, the room would still appear cohesive.

Next up:ย Master Bedroom Retreat, Part 2: DIY Walk-in Closet Makeover [Video] – maximizing every square inch of available closet space.

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