Sew Handy: Add a Pocket to gb Pockit Compact Stroller

gb Pockit with Pocket Attached
gb Pockit compact stroller with pocket attached.

When hints of the gb Pockit stroller would be debuting Spring 2016, just months after my first was born, I admit I was intrigued by the world’s smallest folding stroller with our active lifestyle. But, definitely not by the $229 anticipated retail price tag. This stroller claimed to fold up so small (11.8″ x 7″ x 13.8″), that it could fit into a backpack. And in full-form, fit children from 6-months-old up to 55-lbs. It also weighs in at just 9.5 lbs.

Fast forward to fall 2018, when I was able to acquire a gb Pockit stroller brand new for just $109.90 through a deal at The stroller had come down in price to $129.59, and with a 20% off one baby item coupon, using code BABYEXTRA20, rounded out my total to the $109.90 with local 6% sales tax. $103.67 after-coupon, pre-tax.

Pro Tip: Use a service like Honey or to find when this product drops to its lowest price point again, at

2018 Order Receipt
2018 Order Receipt for gb Pockit Compact Stroller

Major Use #1: Traveling Solo with Two Little Ones

Not only did the deal lure me in, but I was just 2.5 weeks away from flying solo with my almost 3-year-old and my almost 1-year-old infant-in-lap. I could easily baby-wear him through both airports, but I knew my little lady would not be up for the long walks in store at the Atlanta destination airport. I was able to carry him on the front of me with my Ergobaby 360 (see: Comprehensive Baby Registry Guide), carry a small Eddie Bauer packable backpack on my back to serve as a diaper bag and snack bag during travel, and the gb Pockit stroller in a ChicoBag reuseable grocery bag between the gate and our seats. This scenario fit perfectly for this trip. As on the receiving end I was meeting my parents who already had car seats installed for my nephews that accommodated my two kids. And, I checked our luggage at the ticket counter to lighten my load.

gb, you nailed it – I LOVED solo traveling with my two kids with this stroller!

Major Use #2: A Problem is Discovered

Then, in early March, I decided to take my now 3-year-old up to The Philadelphia Flower Show (the world’s oldest and largest indoor flower show) for this year’s rad theme of Flower Power. Being 17 weeks pregnant with kid #3 at this point, I opted not to do the drive up from Baltimore, because the difference between Amtrak regional train fare vs. car wear-and-tear mileage, gasoline, tolls, parking, and the hassle was nominal. Plus, what 3-year-old wouldn’t want to take the “choo-choo” train? (see: Walkersville Southern Railroad)

Well, once again, I pared down as much as possible. The gb Pockit again in a ChicoBag. My packable backpack on my back. A Mommy Hook on a handlebar of the stroller. And, a BlackRapid Camera Strap to cross-body carry my DSLR camera once at the show.

I ended up covering at least 3 miles that day (at least that’s what my health smart phone app says) between trains and the convention show floor (which is rather large). During these 3 miles, I discovered an issue with the stroller. Here I was in a tunic and leggings, with no pockets in either, and finding no convenient place to keep my smart phone handy and accessible. In an effort to keep materials and weight down, there were no additional bells-and-whistles to this stroller. Sure, there’s a small storage basket (accommodates up to 11-lbs of gear) underneath the stroller, but it was quickly filled up with our end-of-winter jackets that we wore between trains that chilly morning, the show map, etc. and really not easy to reach when you have limited maneuverability while pregnant. With the storage basket full, and my phone sitting on top of the heap, I was rather nervous that my phone would fall out from the bin and I wouldn’t even notice. So, I ended up keeping it in one hand the entire time I pushed my daughter around. Totally not convenient.

Brainstorming & Implementing a Solution

This scenario got me to thinking how convenient it would be to add a simple lightweight fabric pocket to the back of the stroller that wouldn’t keep the stroller from folding up as intended and would solve this need I had. Perhaps you’re experiencing this too? Which is likely why you stumbled upon my post on the topic… A stroller organizer wouldn’t really work on the gb Pockit because of the reverse handlebar design, not to mention it would be too bulky to fold the stroller down as intended.

So I visited my local Joann Fabrics store, in part to pickup some final items for our recent IKEA LACK Hack project, and purchased 0.25 yards of Apparel Lining Stretch Fabric in black (item #13527742) to match the color of our stroller. Next, a sewing machine was used to create a simple square-cornered pocket.

The total height of the finished pocket would be 8.5″. One-and-a-half inches of the pocket back would be exposed from the 7″ beneath it. This would allow for easy access to a smart phone, wallet, or keys placed in the pocket. It would also give the top of the pocket a space to be hand-sewn onto the stroller, as well. The width of the pocket, 6″. These dimensions of this particular fabric added about 0.5-oz. weight to the stroller. Nominal, if you ask me.

The pocket’s seams were created on a standard sewing machine with your run-of-the-mill black sewing machine thread. Buttonhole twist thread, also in black, was used to hand-stitch the entire pocket onto the back of the stroller where it would hang down.


Major Use #3: Great for Road-Trips with Slim Cargo Space

Recently, we took a Spring Break / Easter / 5-year Anniversary trip to one of our favorite East Coast cities: Asheville, NC. And, we decided with just the four of us, we could take the 2011 Subaru Forester vs. our 2012 RAM 3500 diesel-guzzler to save a dime. The gb Pockit came in handy once again! Between our four luggage bags, DSLR camera gear, Easter stuff, a Pack ‘n Play for the little man to sleep in (see: Comprehensive Baby Registry Guide), we were able to fit both our Summer Infant 3Dlite convenience stroller and the gb Pockit compact stroller no problem.

And boy did that new rear stroller pocket come in handy!

Problem solved.

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