What’s Packed in My Birthing Hospital Bag? (Round Two)

Hospital Suitcase Packed

About to be a second-time-mom (STM) here, and I can positively say that I’m packing way less in my delivery / postpartum hospital bag this time around. For one, I know what the hospital will already have in inventory and second, because I really don’t need as much as I think I do. So, here’s a quick run-down of what I’ll be packing in my bag for the little man that’s due within the next month.

For Me

First and foremost, my mid-size Kenneth Cole Reaction brand rolling suitcase that I purchased at Marshalls (luggage shopping guide) rather inexpensively in 2013. Inside, I’ll be using a variety of packing cubes purchased on Amazon Prime Day 2017, to keep everything organized. One larger cube for my stuff, one smaller one for the baby, and one smaller one for big sister.

In my larger cube, I have packed several sets of anti-skid grip socks that I purchased for my daughter’s delivery in 2015. I also have a pair of maternity jeans, a maternity tank top, and a non-maternity cardigan in a feminine shade. Additionally, a pair of non-maternity sweat pants too. As I’ll likely be staying in the hospital gown through delivery and recovery, these clothes are for photos that we’ll have taken at the hospital, as well as my going home attire. I have a few pair of underwear one size up, though I find it’s best to stay in the gauze-style ones that the hospital provides as long as possible. I have nursing bras, one with underwire and one without packed. As well as disposable nursing pads and lanolin. And, I’m bringing along my Nature’s Way fenugreek tablets (to help with milk supply) along with a ziploc bag with my prenatal meds: Nature Made prenatal multivitamins and Nature Made vitamin D.

I’ll also have several items to help keep me comfortable during the potentially long wait of the early stages of labor. I found it really soothing during my 2015 delivery to get my feet massaged during labor, so a peppermint-scented foot lotion will go in my bag. I may bring a book, magazines, or sudoku puzzles, but definitely will be bringing my smart phone and charging cables (including one for my smart watch) — I ended up playing a lot of “Words With Friends” while in labor in 2015. And, I’m making sure to bring a fun chapstick too (for the final stages of labor when you become rather parched).

For the days following delivery, I’ll have my regular travel toiletries bag (including a shower cap, hair ties, and small dry shampoo), my travel makeup bag packed, along with my favorite Kirkland Signature daily facial towelettes. I’ll also pack my Burt’s Bees Mama Bee belly butter (I also like Palmer’s Massage Lotion, but I expect my container of that to be out or nearly out by the time baby arrives, so I’ll resort to what I have a full stash of on hand). I’ll have my hair brush, comb, hair dryer, and quite possibly my own brightly-colored towel from home (so it doesn’t get mixed in with the white hospital laundry). I’ll have a pair of Olukai flip flops that I can wear into the shower (and quite possibly home too) — I live in these flip flops, they’re so comfortable. Don’t forget to pack any night guards, wrist guards, sleep masks, etc. that you may use on a regular basis at home too. I won’t be packing pajamas nor a robe for the hospital, never used these last time. The hospital gown was my best friend during my stay.

Not in my bag, but awaiting me at home Sierra Sage Green Goo herbal sitz bath.

I also will have my DSLR packed, with extra, fully-charged batteries, and clean, formatted SD cards for taking some photos of my own in the days following delivery.

I found it really helpful to carry the bulkier items in an IKEA large shopping bag in 2015, so we’ll be doing that again this year. This bag is not only good for transporting my own bed pillow from home, towel from home, but also My Brest Friend nursing pillow too (learn more in my comprehensive baby registry guide post from earlier this year), but it’s also a great way to take home all of the consumable items from your hospital room (you’ve already paid for them).

You may also find a notepad and pen handy too, to write down any information you may be instructed by your medical team. And, definitely to record your little one’s details and the delivery team individual’s names.

Last but not least, I’ll have my hospital forms prefilled out, along with copies I’ve made of my insurance card information (front and back) to hand in on arrival.

Keep in mind that your significant other will likely be traveling to and from home quite a bit following delivery and can always grab items as you need them, or take them home as you don’t.

For Daddy

Definitely changes of clothes, toiletries, and phone and watch chargers. Things to do, keep busy with, during the wait (books, magazines, sudoku puzzle books, etc.) Also, energy-type snacks. He may also want to bring his own pillow for his overnight stays too.

For Baby

Well, not quite fitting in my hospital bag, but most certainly pre-installed in the car will be our kiddo’s car seat. You can learn more about the car seat we opted for in my comprehensive baby registry guide post. Our hospital discharges the mother in a wheelchair with the baby in their car seat in mom’s lap (discharged as a single “unit”), so you won’t need to bring the stroller into the hospital.

In the baby’s packing cube, a variety of outfits for either going home, or family photos in the hospital – a variety because of the size prediction of the baby by the “high risk” doctors. A solid light blue swaddle / receiving blanket. Hats, mittens, and socks too. I even have a small Letterfolk letter board packed, that I can use in the photos that I take at the hospital.

I’ll also have a photo of big sis packed that can be placed along the outside of the hospital bassinet, so that baby can get used to big sister who won’t be present at the hospital initially. Hopefully this will help her as she transitions into this role and sees how utterly important she is to our family.

For Big Sister

I’ve already scheduled a local photographer to take some candid shots of us while still at the hospital. She’s going to capture our two-year-old daughter meeting her little brother for the first time (for which I already have an outfit laid out in our guest bedroom, including the blue “It’s a Boy” t-shirt that I wore to the hospital when my brother was born), and likely some group family shots in the hospital bed. For that, I packed a change of tops for her to be in something more feminine for our family photo. Additionally, with her hospital outfit laid out in the guest bedroom is an IKEA HIMMELSK rattle in blue, that she helped us pick out on one of our many trips to IKEA over the past year. We’ll also have her create some pretty artwork that we can put along the outside of the hospital bassinet. But, in my hospital bag, along with her top for the hospital, I also have a gift from baby brother to her. After much consideration over the last few months, my husband and I decided to have him gift her a VTech Kidizoom Camera. Though it’s rated for 3-8 age range, and she’ll only be 2, we figured we can help assist her with usage. And, best yet…she’s going to get to take photos of her very own little brother. She’s so used to me taking photos of her, I don’t think this will go unappreciated. When we were at my nephew’s first birthday party last month, she was really into the Fisher-Price Laugh&Learn Click n’ Learn Camera, and that didn’t take actual photos like the Kidizoom does. And, she loves technology, building things, and doing things herself. We think she’s ready. So, we’ll see how this goes.

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