Amazon Prime Day 2017 Shopping Guide

Amazon Prime Day, July 11, 2017

I have my shopping list built (mostly with baby gear for the impending Fall arrival & some items I’ll hold onto for our flood of end-of-the-year birthdays and Christmas) and am ready to comparison shop! So, here we go!

Amazon Prime Day is 30-hours this year, starting at 9pm Eastern Time on July 10, 2017. And, those with an Alexa device can start voice shopping for deals two hours prior to that. It’s also expanded into several countries beyond the USA this year too.  Clark Howard has all the details: Amazon Prime Day 2017: Everything You Need to Know7 Things to Know About This Year’s Amazon Prime Day.

Also, remember to have Wikibuy installed & activated in your web browser, which will let you know if you can items in your Amazon cart cheaper elsewhere!

Activate your 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime membership now:


Deals Live on Facebook:


My Buys:


Other Notable Deals:

Perhaps you’ve seen my post about our retractable baby gates? Well, they’re on sale today for Amazon Prime shoppers:

  • Summer Infant Retractable Gate – live at 7:50pm

We’ve used this portable playpen when our little wasn’t quite walking yet at outdoor events & BBQs:

I love, love, love our Ring video / smart phone enabled doorbell and it’s 29% off for Prime Day:

Thinking about cutting the cord with traditional TV? These antennas will get you started:

I’ve had really good luck with Anker products in general and would recommend these charger devices:

I have one of these ergonomic mice at home and at work for about two years now and it’s really been helping with my carpal tunnel problems:

I have one of these and have been thoroughly enjoying it this season, so far:

I have a similar set for baby-food making and freezer storage:


Additional Amazon Prime Day Shopping Guides & Resources:


Key Amazon Landing Pages:


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